A Hodgepodge for October…



1.  Have you ever spent time on a farm? Tell us a little bit about it. Have you ever grown your own pumpkin? Been on a hayride? Driven a tractor? Milked a cow?
I grew up in suburban Los Angeles… so nope, no time on a farm.
Yep, that was me… kinda… no yeah, that was me.  Sigh.
Suffice it to say, no hayrides, no tractors, no milking of cows.
2. What’s something younger you would like about you now? 
How comfortable I am in my role as wife, mother, and administrative assistant at work.
Philippians 2:13:  …for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose.”

3. What are three things you’d like to do more often? Three things you’d like to do less often?

3 things I’d like to do:  Coffee with friends, walk on the beach, laugh

3 things less often:  late paying bills, scrambling to figure out dinner, gain weight!  hehe

4. What’s on your nachos?

Cheese.  Black olives.  Guacamole.  Sour cream.  Yum.

5. What’s the most random thing in your purse or wallet? Does it need to stay there?
a bottle of nail polish.  I keep it there in case I decide to go get a pedicure, that way I have the color I like, and I can do a touch up if needed.  Does it really need to stay there?  Probably not.
6.  Insert your own random thought here.

Yesterday a friend of mine posted a plea on a community facebook page … with the horror in Las Vegas, this world that is increasingly chaotic and disgruntled, please, show me people who are doing good… and people in our community responded.  Stories of people heading up rescues, sheltering the homeless, rehabilitating low income housing projects, sacrificing their own security and livelihood for the job of serving others… it was, quite simply, one of the most inspirational posts I had seen in a while.  Those are the stories I want to hear… why do people do the good that they do?  Why do they throw themselves on top of a stranger to save their life, knowing that they may not live another hour?  That’s the real stuff, friends.


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Well hello there! Thanks for stopping by! I'm a God loving, glass-is-half-full kind of woman who loves coffee, good chocolate, and walks on the beach. I've got three amazing kiddos and a hubby of 21 years who all keep me on my toes. An Air Force family for 14 years, we are now living in southern CA and slowly adjusting to life back in the "civilian" world. Our adventures are far from over, and life is not always easy, but we're in this together and God's got the ultimate plan, so who can ask for anything better than that?

2 thoughts on “A Hodgepodge for October…”

  1. Yes, please, more stories like that and less grumbling on facebook. 🙂 I enjoyed reading your hodgepodge. I grew up in east Los Angeles. Hope you have a good weekend ahead.


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