Graduating the Hodgepodge…

Graduation.  Anniversary.  A hike up Half Dome in Yosemite with the other graduating seniors of our youth group.  Family coming from around the country to celebrate.  Our first social activity at our new home.  Trying to get flowers planted and menus planned and shopping done and…  phew.  A whirlwind for sure… but oh, so, so good… lets take a break and Hodgepodge, eh, friends?  Thanks for checking in!
1. Tell us about one fun thing on your June calendar. 
Oh lets see – my eldest child graduates from high school next week!  Woo hoo!
It’s our 22nd wedding anniversary this Saturday!  Woo hoo!
Both noble accomplishments, especially with the challenges that are in our society today.
2. How careful are you in the sun? Do you tan or burn? Do you make it a point to see the dermatologist every year?
I”m not as careful as I should be – I don’t tan easily, but if I burn early in the summer, it fades into a good tan that will last all summer.  Very weird.  I don’t see the dermatologist ever, but I probably should, as both my dad and grandmother have had skin cancers removed.  Darn that Irish/Scandenavian/German genetics…
3. Describe a time when you wanted to ‘throw in the towel’? 
Oh man, right now I’m awfully tempted!  We are battling our former landlords who want to keep our security deposit, and we just found out today they are trying to pin all of the damages from the flood (from their plumbing) on us. (never mind that the claim has already been accepted by their insurance company… so yeah, that would be insurance fraud) .. thank goodness for good lawyers, but I”ll admit, it’s exhausting and frustrating that they are being so mean.  I’m done.  Sigh.
4. What’s a song you love that has a day of the week in the title or lyrics? 
“Easy Like Sunday Morning” by Lionel Richie…
5. Are you a fan of berries? Which one’s your favorite? What’s the most recent berry dish you’ve eaten? Which blueberry breakfast food appeals to you most-blueberry pancakes, blueberry yogurt, or a blueberry muffin? 
I love summer berries!  My favorites are organic strawberries and organic blueberries – you really can taste the difference!  Tonight I made a salad to go with dinner that had strawberries, blueberries, and grapes in it… yum.  And I’m a huge fan of a good blueberry muffin with struesel topping!  (And good coffee… of course)
6. What’s something you want to do before your next birthday? 
Paint our downstairs bathroom!  (Actually, I’d like it have it done by next week before family comes for graduation… don’t think it will happen though!)  You know what, lets shoot for the moon – I’d love to have the whole house painted!  🙂
7. June 1st is National Say Something Nice Day, so let’s all say something nice here. 
“Your home feels so inviting.” – is there any greater compliment?  Make your house reflect YOU and be proud of it!
8. Insert your own random thought here. 
I remember when Caleb, my eldest, rolled over for the first time at the age of 2 months. I had stepped out to go the restroom and came back in to the family room and saw him flipped over and went “What the heck?!  How did he do that so quickly and I missed it?”  And yet I was so proud… because it was a realization of them trying something out, expanding newly developed muscles, and flipping themselves over, then looking around bewildered at their new perspective like “Wait, what just happened?  How did I get here? What happens next?”
I feel the same way now.  18 years later.  I see my firstborn, getting ready to graduate from high school.  And I’m proud.  He has done well, worked hard, gotten the college acceptances… I see him flexing his independence, making adult decisions, trying new things, all with a cocky confidence mixed with trepidation over whether this is the “right” thing for “right now” …
And we, his dad and I, and him, are all looking around with a slight bewilderment of “Wait, what just happened?  How did we get here?  What happens next?” but just like that first milestone of rolling over, we will look forward to each new challenge and the steps it takes to meet them and conquer them.  And we’ll stand by in support as he figures out what comes next.

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Well hello there! Thanks for stopping by! I'm a God loving, glass-is-half-full kind of woman who loves coffee, good chocolate, and walks on the beach. I've got three amazing kiddos and a hubby of 21 years who all keep me on my toes. An Air Force family for 14 years, we are now living in southern CA and slowly adjusting to life back in the "civilian" world. Our adventures are far from over, and life is not always easy, but we're in this together and God's got the ultimate plan, so who can ask for anything better than that?

11 thoughts on “Graduating the Hodgepodge…”

  1. Enjoy the graduation celebrations. Yes it’s great to watch all the milestones as our children achieve them. Our 3 all graduated well and this summer the last one will make the wedding milestone. We celebrate 32 years this month. Hope you get your deposit back without too much more hassle.


  2. ❤️❤️❤️Congrats on 22! Congrats to my Caleb!! I so wish we were together to celebrate your family. Thank you all for your friendship!❤️❤️❤️


  3. Lots to celebrate at your house this month! Congratulations to your son and also to you and your hubs on your anniversary : )


  4. I remember Caleb as an infant and cannot believe that the time has come for high school graduation. Blessings to all of you as you start this new chapter in your lives.


  5. Happy Anniversary and the heartiest of congratulations to Big C!! I hope that you thoroughly enjoy all of the celebratory moments in the coming days and weeks!! Love you!!


  6. Errrrrgh!!! Those landlords!!! I hope they suffer for what they’ve put you through! So,. very. wrong., Congrats to Caleb, and you as his parents! You deserve your own mortarboard for handling so much of his high school career by yourself. I’m proud of you. And hey, happy anniversary!


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