Moving home…

A week ago we were homeless.  Out of our rental.  Escrow hadn’t closed yet on our new home.  Trying to find hotel accommodations for the five of us.  Unexpected closing costs.  Plumbing issues at both the old and the new house.  We were scattered.  Frustrated.  Weary.  Easter was forever ago.

A week later, we have a home.  Escrow finally closed, a week later than expected.  Spring break.  Boxes everywhere, too much furniture, who would have thought that losing 500 sq ft would make such a difference?  We had a family trip planned up north – do we still go, with so much to do?  But… we were tired.  Exhausted.  Weary to the bones.  So, we went on vacation.  To the family beach house… to escape… to rest… to breathe.  And we did.  We napped.  We ate.  We walked.  We found sea shells and sand dollars.  Got lightly sunburned.  Ate ice cream. And we prepared ourselves to set up our home when we return.


And, we Hodgepodge! Before we had back to our new home, lets Hodgepodge!


1. What does retirement mean to you? Are you planning for it, not thinking about it, looking forward to it, or dreading it?

Retirement means not having to work if you don’t want to.  Being able to travel, join clubs, volunteer for organizations your cherish.  To help your kids with your grandbabies.  We are planning for it, but it is 25 years down the road for us!

2. It’s International Guitar Month…do you play? Does anyone in your family play? What’s a song you especially like to hear played on the guitar or a favorite song featuring the guitar?

I don’t play the guitar, but my son is starting to learn.

I love this version of “Fast Car” – originally by Tracy Chapman, but this one is from Boyce Avenue.  Most perfect driving song ever.

Fast Car

3. What’s your comfort food?
A glass of chardonnay!

Oh wait, that’s not a food.  Ok then – Ben & Jerrys Cherry Garcia ice cream.
4. What’s one activity or area of your life where you absolutely never procrastinate?

Having my coffee in the morning!  Hehehe…

5. Who does the grocery shopping in your house? Does your local store bag the groceries for you or is it a do-it-yourself kind of place? Do you like someone packing your groceries?
I do the majority of the grocery shopping.  My local store bags them for me, and I don’t really mind at all.  My favorite groceries, though, are the ones I can order online and they just arrive at my front door!  I tried the Amazon Fresh grocery delivery – and wow, I loved it!  Good selection, decent prices – but I just couldn’t swallow the yearly membership fee.  Yowza!  Our local Albertsons has just started a delivery service, so I may check into that.  It’s not laziness, it’s time management!
6. What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen in nature?

Y’all, this is the view from my office.  Yep.  Absolutely amazing.
7. Share a favorite quote about home.
“In this home, we do real.  We do mistakes.  We do I’m sorry.  We do second chances.  We do fun.  We do hugs.  We do forgiveness.  We do really loud.  We do family.  We do love.”
8. Insert your own random thought here.

“Home.”  Interesting – when Lent began, on February 17, our church was doing a Lenten study on the Prodigal Son, and our first questions were about what it meant to leave “home.”  Our landlords had just informed us that they wanted us to move out.  We had no “home.”  Just the word brought up all emotions – anger, anxiety, sadness, anticipation.  And in between the beginning of Lent and the eve of Easter, we packed up our belongings, put an offer in on a house, and went through the dance of realtors/lenders/underwriters to get it all approved, and we moved. Into a new home.  One that needs a lot of work, but is ours.  One without back-stabbing landlords.  One that secures our place here.  Home.






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Well hello there! Thanks for stopping by! I'm a God loving, glass-is-half-full kind of woman who loves coffee, good chocolate, and walks on the beach. I've got three amazing kiddos and a hubby of 21 years who all keep me on my toes. An Air Force family for 14 years, we are now living in southern CA and slowly adjusting to life back in the "civilian" world. Our adventures are far from over, and life is not always easy, but we're in this together and God's got the ultimate plan, so who can ask for anything better than that?

9 thoughts on “Moving home…”

  1. Well moving house is reckoned to be up there in the most stressful things that can happen in life so I think you did the right thing to take the vacation and recharge the batteries. I hope you will all be happy in your new home.


  2. Congratulations on the move! Moving is chaos, but having your own home is good. I take photos of sunsets outside my window on a regular basis. One of the most enjoyable things about nature. No two ever alike.


  3. Sally…that view! All I can say is lucky you! So happy to hear about your move and you’re right…it’s exhausting to go through. Here’s to making new memories! That’s one of my favorite quotes…it hangs in our house.


  4. I think a beach getaway to refresh both mind and spirit is the perfect thing just now. You’ll be able to tackle the job of settling in from a better place. Enjoy your new home!! I’m so happy everything worked out for you, and the difficult situation with the landlord is behind you.


  5. So glad you decided to take the vacation and take the break. I love love love your quote about home. Congrats on the new house! Love and hugs to you!!


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